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An Engineering company that provides innovative solutions in Irrigation, Industrial Automation and Electrical, as well as Steel Fabrication services that cater to, but are not limited to the farming and corporate / Industrial needs within Zimbabwe

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Asterex provides a variety of products and services to farmers, corporate, industrial and individual clients in Zimbabwe. Our provisions can be broadly categorised into three segments, Automations and Electricals; Irrigation Services; and Construction Services. Each service line is well accustomed to suit its specific requirements and serve the needs of the client.

Irrigation Services

Asterex  seeks to serve Zimbabwe’s farming community, domestic and government Institutions with world class
irrigation support services from Irrigation Consultancy, System Designs, Irrigation
Installations, as well as Servicing and Maintenance of systems. Our services cater for farmer of
all scales and custom made to suit each individual farmer. We aim at increasing productivity and yield
to farmers across the nation and significantly contribute to the nation’s food security.

Industrial Automation and Electrical

The fourth industrial revolution is here, Industry  4.0 and there is need to move with the ever changing times and technology. Considering the high need for high productivity levels, efficient use of materials, reduction of machine downtime, high producty quality and improved plan/machinery safety, Asterex is here to collaborate with different companies in different industries with a goal to achieve these and position companies well and adaptively to the times giving them the distinquishing competitive edge needed to thrive in the market.

Steel Fabrication

We offer steel fabrication services that fall in the line of Automations and Irrigation. This enables us to be a one stop shop for these particular services. We construct for our clients the following;
  • Green Houses
  • Sheds

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