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Our Products And Services

We provide a variety of products and services to farmers, corporate, industrial and individual clients. Our provisions can be broadly categorised into three segments,Automationsand Electricals; Irrigation Services; and Construction Services. Each service line is well accustomed to suit its specific requirements and serve their specific clientele base. 

Asterex seeks to serve the farming community, domestic and government Institutions with all irrigation support services that includes Irrigation Consultancy, System Designs, Irrigation Instalations, as well as Servicing and Maintenance of systems.Our services cater for farmers of all scales who are in need of varied irrigation services. We aim at increasing productivity and yield to farmers across the nation. Our services range from the installation of new irrigation systems, maintenance of existing systems as well as system upgrade based on the specific need of each individual client. We service  and install both Overhead and Under-surface Irrigation systems, which include Drip Irrigation, Aluminium Main lines and Centre Pivots. These systems can be used infields, homes aswell as pastural care for pardocks, Horse ranges, parks and dairy farms.

We have specialised on the goal TIG Aluminium welding to repair cracked, folded, busted and leaking pipes of all sizes(2”,3”,4”,5”, and 6”).We deliver precision welding that underscores the need for constant repairs once a job is completed.We will supply and fit all irrigational components and spares, these include but are not limited to;

  • High Drains
  • Pipes Raisers and Plains(pairs) ()new and pre-loved
  • Sprinklers
  • Seals
  • Couplings
  • Nilon Valves 
  • Drip Kits

Industrial Automation And Electricals

The forth industrial revolution is here, Industry 4.0 and there is need to move with the ever changing times and technology. Considering the need for high productivity levels, efficient use of materials reduction of machine downtime, high product quality and improved plant/machinery safety. Asterex is here to collaborate with different companies in different ndustries with a goal to achieve these and position companies well and adaptively to the times giving them the distinquishing competitive edge needed to thrive on the market Customer confidence and satisfaction is guaranteed basing on vast industrial experience of our specialized technical staff in the department. We are offering the following services;

  • Control systems integration and industrial networks
  • Automation systems design, wiring and implementation
  • Machine installations and upgrades
  • Industrial automation consultancy services
  • Industrial automation trainings (PLCsandVSDs)
  • Drafting of electrical schematics for your machines
  • SCADA and Process visualisation system design and installation
  • PLC programming, maintenance and troubleshooting

The services we are offering under general electrical services include: 

  • Domestic wiring and faults rectification
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting system including street lights
  • Commercial wiring and equipment installation 
  • General industrial wiring and equipment installation
  • New electrical panel wiring and rewiring of old panels

Investing in the development of your work force has, from experince, proven to be very effective in helping the achievement of company goals. This is along term focused pathway that we always recommend for our clients in our journey to help them unlock the maximum potential of their businesses. Our Automation trainings are also open to individuals who would like to advance their careers and knowledge in Industrial Automation. Asterex is offering a unique solution that can be tailored around your needs. Currently we are offering trainings structured as follows;  

  • Siemens S7PLC programming Level1, Level2 and Level3
  • VSDs technology
We offer steel fabrication services that fall in the line of Automations and Irrigation. This enables us to be a one stop shop for these particular services. We construct for our clients the following;
  • Green Houses
  • Sheds

We provide state of the art Aluminium Welding for industrial, mining and farming purposes. This include service for Overhead Aluminium Pipes.

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